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The Journey of Life

June 22nd, 2010

The journey of life is not a race.  It’s a marathon filled with highs, low, happiness, sadness, success and failures.  The key to life is understanding this concept and not taking life to serious.

I have found this type of information in some of the greatest self help books during my life.  these books have helped me to stay balanced and focused.  Usually the simple short reads I enjoy the most.

One of my favorite self help books is The Greatest Sales Man In The World by Og Mandino.  I love the way he communicates his messages.  He has a special way of motivating people through his books.

Self Help Books

One of the most important messages that I have found in self help books are about discipline.  If you read one of these books it is bound to come up.  If it were only that easy!

Last week I heard live in person Zig Zigler speak.  Now he is not only an incredible speaker, but an author to some of the most inspirational self help books. He communicates his message through humor.

My favorite story in one of his books is about kicking the cat.  It teached you how your actions effect other people and how not to let the actions of other people effect you.  Look it up, you will enjoy it!

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March 1st, 2010

Build it on Passion

March 1st, 2010

  • “You can achieve whatever you want to in this life, if you apply passion
    and put your mind to it.”
  • “The world needs people who are alive and moving. Find out what makes
    you come alive
    and do something.”
  • “A mind that is mastered is one that chooses what he wants to hear and how he wants to think.”
  • “Live life without fear and with unshakable passion.”
  • “Identify your passion, and then with patience, live it.”
  • “Your inner thought will determine greatly
    who you are.”
  • “When your back is to the wall it is the response and reaction that largely defines a person’s character.”