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“If you are looking to achieve greatness, passion is a fundamental key to success.  Tony describes clearly in his book how you can utilize passion in your every day life”.

– Nikki Stone, Olympic Gold Medal Winner / Aerial Skiing

“I was born with Arthritis, and have experienced over 20 operation in my 56 years of life.  I found your book, Build “IT” on Passion to be one of the most Inspiring, motivational books I have ever had the blessing to read!

– Michael Fairbanks

“If you are looking to discover your passions this book with help you distinguish between your wants and loves”.

– Mark Duvall, Teacher

I enjoyed reading your book.  I agree with many of the things you wrote about – I really related!  It was inspiring, enlightening, and uplifting.

– Diane Knor

“I must read”!

– Rich Poulsen

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  • “You can achieve whatever you want to in this life, if you apply passion
    and put your mind to it.”
  • “The world needs people who are alive and moving. Find out what makes
    you come alive
    and do something.”
  • “A mind that is mastered is one that chooses what he wants to hear and how he wants to think.”
  • “Live life without fear and with unshakable passion.”
  • “Identify your passion, and then with patience, live it.”
  • “Your inner thought will determine greatly
    who you are.”
  • “When your back is to the wall it is the response and reaction that largely defines a person’s character.”